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Pottery House

Our new service will be a CQC registered Residential Service in Stoke On Trent for six individuals who have profound and severe needs and risks in relation to challenging behaviours. These often relate to their Learning Disability, Autism Spectrum Condition, and high-intensity behaviours.

Pottery House
Pottery House

The service will be tailored to:

  • Individuals with a Learning Disability and/or Autism Spectrum Condition
  • Who present with behaviours that challenge to a high intensity and frequency
  • Whose behaviour poses a significant risk to them, others, or property

Key staff features of our service:

The support of a skilled staff team, 24 hours a day, specifically trained in the specialist areas of Autism, Positive Behaviour Support (PBS), Active Support and Mental Health.

A Registered Manager with extensive knowledge and experience in complex services who will work closely with the PBS Team to ensure that PBS Plans are developed, from initial assessments, transitions, function-based assessments, and the day-to-day delivery of care within the residential setting. This supports the care team in delivering the highest levels of person-centred care based on the identified needs of each individual.

Regular interventions and reviews with the broader care team and internal PBS Team to review the presentations and agree on actions to support the care team in delivering each individual's specialist support needs.

Key home features of the service:

Six large individual self-contained living spaces designed to provide low stimulus environments designed to keep the individual and staff team safe whilst still ensuring a warm and comfortable homely feel.

Each self-contained living space will have its own kitchen/kitchenette, living room and bedroom with full en-suite wet room. Some of these individual living spaces will also have their own gardens, whilst others will have access to shared gardens within the home's grounds.

In addition, there will be access to a shared communal kitchen and lounge areas within the home.

The building has been designed so that all aspects, including fixtures, fittings, and toughened furniture, that risks of damage or self-injurious behaviours are mitigated based on the needs of the individuals occupying the living space.

All wet rooms will be fitted with ligature-resistant sanitary ware controlled via sensors rather than physical taps, all made from resin-based materials, with pipping and systems integrated into toughened walls to remove the risk of damage or self-harm.

What are the key outcome aims of this service?

A reduction in the severity, frequency and duration of behaviours that challenge to increase and improve residents' quality of life.

Decreasing distress for individuals, teaching functional skills to communicate their needs, and learning new coping skills for behavioural patterns.


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