Positive Behaviour Support

At Godfrey Care we utilise the Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) model when working with individuals. PBS is a person-centred framework for providing long-term support to people with a Learning Disability, Autism, Mental Health conditions, and people whose behaviours that challenge. PBS provides the right support for a person, their family and friends to help people lead a meaningful life and learn new skills without unnecessary restrictions.

PBS is a person-centred approach aimed at increasing and improving the quality of life for people who use our services, and uses applied behavioural science to inform decision making. We apply the principles of the PBS Competence Framework as outlined by the PBS Academy (2015), and the Department of Health and Social Care’s (2014) guidance Positive and Proactive Care: reducing the need for restrictive interventions.

Our staff are trained to utilise the PBS model under the guidance of our PBS Clinical Lead, and we ensure that services from both an environmental and social context are equipped to meet the needs of individuals with complex needs. We firmly believe that through the use of the PBS model, with the right support, the likelihood of behaviour that challenges is reduced, and people experience happier, more meaningful lives.