Why Choose Us

Ethos of Care

Godfrey Care sets very high standards and expectations in the provision of care that we offer. This is based on the founder's moral desire to improve the standards of care offered in local communities and the provision of tailored services for people with a learning disability, complex needs, mental health diagnosis and associated behaviours that may challenge.

Centre of Excellence

At Godfrey Care we go beyond the standard training approach by having a highly qualified in house trainer (BILD accredited NAPPI techniques) on our team who asses the specific training requirements that the team will need. We take this continuous approach so that all our staff have tailored training to ensure that they can provide the highest quality of care and support that suites each individual service user’s specific needs at all times.

Experienced Leadership

The management team at Godfrey Care has many years of a proven track record for delivering excellent standards of care in this sector. This experience, coupled with a genuine passion to making a real difference in people’s lives drives the whole team to ensure they provide the highest quality of care and support to all our service user’s specific needs.

Our Home

Field House is a purposely designed home that has been fitted to the highest standards. Boasting a beautiful décor within each bed room and en-suite, then throughout the extensive shared areas all the way out to the mature gardens and dedicated multipurpose all year around sports and recreation area.

Learning Disabilities

We are members of the Learning Disability Alliance. The LDA defend the rights of people with learning disabilities and their families.

Challenging Behaviour

Many individuals accessing the services of Godfrey Care have presented behaviour that may be considered challenging. Training delivered through our partnership with NAPPI UK ensures that staff are equipped with a range of strategies to support such situations.


We appreciate that each person on the Autism Spectrum has different needs and the training delivered through our partnership with NAPPI UK ensures staff are aware of the difficulties faced by individuals on the Autism Spectrum and more importantly how to effectively support these individuals in a positive and person centred way.


Godfrey Care have ensured that staff are trained to effectively support individuals who live with Epilepsy. Training delivered by NAPPI UK ensures that staff are given the underpinning knowledge required to recognise different seizure types, identify triggers to seizures and to know how to support a person before, during and after a seizure.


Proud to be partners of Nappi UK.