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Delivering on Excellence

As part of our commitment to delivering excellence in care we work very closely with our training partner NAPPI UK to develop tailored training for our team of carers. NAPPI is a leading provider of training solutions to the care sector and specialise in BILD Accredited training methods. Our partnership has been based around a no standard “one size fits all” approach but rather developing tailored methods that emphasise on Positive Behaviour Support in every aspect of service users day to day activities. On a recent training day held at the Burton Albion Football ground we held a one day special programme with NAPPI UK regional trainer Jason Reece-Sumner and the Field House team. The day was really useful and allowed for some very thought provoking discussions around the challenges that the team face and how we can ultimately deliver excellence in care with our team at Field House.

Tai Cain (Home manager) said “it’s an integral step of the continuous investment we make into the team at Field House that we hold these training days, where we can all have open discussions and share knowledge and experiences that will ultimately help our team deliver tailored care that suits every service user. The team from NAPPI are excellent and there is never a dull moment during these development days!”

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