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Ashby House is Now Open

Godfrey Barnes Care is delighted to announce Ashby House has opened. With our commitment to the local community within Staffordshire and the success we have seen at our founding home Field House, this steps marks a milestone in our groups ambition to role out high quality care in our local community. The 6 bed residential home is within walking distance of Burton on Trent town centre and has access to the picturesque countryside surrounding the home. The new homes manager Sarah Lycett has an extensive background of leading successful teams providing care for residents with a learning disability. The service will employ in excess of 25 full time staff who will all be trained in specialist NAPPI techniques  as well as having specialist training in Autism and Epilepsy that will ensure they can offer positive influences on each service user and minimise the levels and frequencies of challenging behaviour.

To mark this milestone day we held a open day that was attended by members of the local community and also the Mayor of East Staffordshire Chris Smith and his wife the Mayoress Jane Smith to help with the cutting of the ribbon ceremony. It was a brilliant day enjoyed by all and marked with great weather and food that allowed everyone to take full advantage of Ashby House’s wonderful garden settings.

We are really proud of the team work and effort by all involved in the design and build process and a huge thank you goes out to the whole team for all the hard work and passion shown to get this house looking like the home it will be in the future! Our next steps will now to be working with the professionals from the local authority team and identifying people that would benefit from the extensive knowledge and services that we will be providing at Ashby House.

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