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Helping in the local community

At Godfrey Barnes Care, supporting our residents to take steps towards more independent living and being involved in their local community is one of the most rewarding aspects of what we aim to do. The path to this is not always smooth and there are usually some bumps along the way, which makes the sense of achievement even more so when individuals take these big strides in getting towards achieving greater independence.

In our newly opened service, Ashby House one resident MM showed an interest in getting a job. The team at the home worked with MM to look at what possibilities there were in the local area and made contact with several shops and made appointments to go and see them with MM. MM showed a particular interest in a local charity shop called Sense in Burton on Trent town centre. Since the beginning of September MM has been volunteering there for 3 days a week helping sort and display items for sale in the charity shop.

MM said “I really like helping in the shop and enjoy meeting all the new people that come in”.

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