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A whole new world of opportunities for BB

BB recently moved in to the Ashby House service having spent that last 10 years in her previous residential placement. It was apparent that BB did not get out much in the community previously and did not get opportunities to take part in simple tasks that we take for granted like having access to the kitchen area and being able to help with meal preparation and making cups of tea when she wanted to. Being autistic, BB had become very rigid and stuck in certain routines that took away from her quality of life.

The team at Ashby House have spent a lot of time with BB helping her take steps away from the rigid routines that she used to focus on to take part in much more meaningful activities. These included getting BB involved with the weekly food shop for the home, meal preps, and just getting the opportunity to go out on social activities with the other service users and staff.

It felt like lots of little steps were taken with BB that helped her get used to a whole new world of opportunities and experience’s and now the difference in BB is a world away from when she moved into Ashby House where she was very unsure and withdrawn to someone who is enjoying life a lot more now!

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