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AF moved into Field House back in January 2018. AF needed support to develop a healthier and more active lifestyle. The team at Field House worked with engaging AF in planning his meals to ensure that he was able to have a healthy balanced diet. Although AF initially wasn’t keen on the idea he quickly adapted and the benefits of eating a healthier diet were quickly noticed by lifelong friends and family. The dietician visited to see if they could help with AF’s weight loss journey but were so impressed with his ongoing success that they discharged him and the team at Field House continued to work with AF. A big part of this success story was giving AF the opportunity to plan his meals by utilising the pictorial menus we use within the homes to help residents have an active role in meal planning.

The next step was working on improving AF’s confidence and getting him motivated to get out and about within the community and taking part in a variety of activities. AF now thoroughly enjoys getting out to help with doing the shop for the home as he takes a lead role in the meal planning, no longer having to use a mobility scooter but instead walking around and getting hands on! Other activities such as his lifelong love for swimming have been rekindled for him and is something that he really looks forward to doing. All of this has helped AF lose a huge 10st since he moved in!

What’s next then for AF? Well, AF now accesses the community much more frequently, has tried out a volunteering job, planning to go on a holiday and has applied for a place at college which starts in September as well as exploring the countryside and enjoying a much more active lifestyle. Well done to AF we’re all so proud!

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