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Dreams come true!

CN has a lifelong love of music, which plays a big part of most days for him. CN often commented on how much he wanted to go to a rave and experience being part of a crowd and enjoying all that it had to offer, this was recognised as one of CN’s life goals. Staff at Field House knowing how much this would mean to CN started to look at different venues and types of concert which available, and tickets were booked for CN to try out his first event at Fake Festival.

Staff kept it as surprise from CN and when he received his tickets and told of the plan he was elated! CN was understandably very excited prior to his big day CN and was supported by Dan and Michelle to get his essentials packed for the big day out. When CN got to the event he quickly got into his grove and danced the day away, interacting with other festival goers enjoying the music. There was food, drinks and glitter tattoos. After many hours of chords, drums and sing along CN was tired and ready for home. Ready to plan his next venture!

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