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Sowing seeds of hope!

As part of the Easter celebrations service users across all sites have taken part in planting sunflowers in their homes gardens. This will form part of a competition across sites to see which home can grow the tallest sunflower. Additionally there have been several garden parties, Easter egg hunts and lots more outdoor activities making the best of the amazing weather that we have been having and giving the service users a safe opportunity to get out and about whilst still under the lockdown.

Other activities have included creating a McDonalds themed dinner after a few of the service users mentioned that they would like to go. Due to lockdown we couldn’t, so the teams took this as an opportunity to make an activity with the service users and helped them make their very own home-made McDonalds meals! 

We always say that we are immensely proud of the teams we have and the amazing work and dedication they show, but in light of the challenges that we all face during this hard time words struggle to describe the immense feeling of pride that we have to work with such amazing teams and service users!

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