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Station House receives glowing feedback from parents

Working in the care sector has been extremely difficult over the past few years due to Covid and the Nationwide staffing shortages that present challenges every day.  But the Registered manager and his team of amazing support workers at Station House have really gone above and beyond recently in the levels of care they provide. We recently sent out feedback forms to the service user’s parents and the comments received back from them are an example of the hard work the staff have been putting in. 

·      Our Daughter is treated with such care and compassion by the wonderful members of staff that look after her.

·      The manager and his staff genuinely have the welfare of our daughter and other adults first and foremost. A truly lovely home, which we feel we have been extremely lucky to find for our daughter. 

·      Station House has done an awful lot of work these last few weeks to enable the home to grow from strength to strength. It has put a lot of plans in fruition to keep the home and everyone in it safe.

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