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Ashby House employee of the month!

Loretta Gallagher was nominated by the Team leaders as employee of the month. The nomination was made by the Team for going above and beyond for the service during the month of January.

The Team Leaders at Ashby House said that “Loretta always gets the job done, she is constantly on the go throughout her shift, she will stay over when other staff have other commitments and cover additional shifts to help the team, coming in on her days off to help wherever she can with things such as shopping”.

In addition to this Sam McMillan, Ashby House manager, tasked Loretta with two additional tasks. One was setting up a works communication group and manages this to ensure that important work related information is shared effectively with the wider team. The second was for Loretta to organise keyworkers for the service users in Ashby House using skills competencies and relationships as a basis to ensure that each service user had an input into this process too.

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