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Life Has Been A Rollercoaster

Everyone has found the past two years extremely difficult with the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. Many struggled with being away from their loved ones, not being able to do the things that they love or felt cautious being around people when things began to open back up – getting so used to social distancing that they forgot what it was like being around a lot of people. The lockdown was also stressful for our staff and residents, as visitors were restricted, and social distancing measures were put in place. Now that covid regulations have settled down at Godfrey care, we are dedicated to filling our residents’ lives with everything that they missed out on over the past few years, creating new experiences and memories for them to look back on. We listen to our residents’ individual goals and hobbies and aim to tailor our activities to them. At Station House, one of our residents, for example, loves rollercoasters so the team decided to take him on a trip to the local theme park as he loves the rides. With the help of some of our excellent staff members, he went to the theme park for the day and had a whale of a time! He was able to go on all of his favourite rollercoaster rides that had him (and our staff!) moving upside down as fast as they could go. He loved it so much that he even went on some of them twice! It was excellent to see how much enjoyment he had, and we want to give him this joy more often. This is why our staff are now in the process of getting him a season pass to the theme park so that he can visit as often as he would like. At Godfrey Care, we want our residents to have core experiences that they can look back on with joy and happiness. No matter if it is going to the park, riding on a rollercoaster or watching a film in the cinema, we work hard to make these experiences happen for those in our care. We love when they come back to our facilities after a day out and are so excited to tell the other residents about what they have been up to – it truly is one of the best part of our jobs.

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