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Five star feedback at Station House

Earlier this month, we welcomed one of the local Learning Disabilities Nurse’s to Station House who came to visit and carry out a review for one of our residents. At Godfrey Care, we aim to not only meet expectations but exceed them, giving our residents the best levels of care and support. The Learning Disabilities Nurse carried out an inspection of the home, talking with team and finding out more about the work that we do at Station House. 

Through the feedback it was clear that the Learning Disability Nurse was impressed with their visit to our home, so much so that they highlighted the warm greeting they had received on arrival and our staff’s friendly manner; something that we pride ourselves on as a team. Additionally, we were complimented on the home, with the nurse stating that “the environment was clean, tidy, welcoming, and homely, it felt comfortable when I walked in”. 

Our staff take great pride in the work they do and the attention to detail that they deliver in all aspects of their roles, which include maintaining accurate documentation throughout the day. The feedback praised the team on the documentation and records that they maintain, with the Nurse saying “the documentation that you provided was completed to a very high standard, it was detailed, person-centred, concise, reviewed on a regular basis and updated accordingly”, highlighting the teams efforts and how they ensure that the residents are at the centre of every decision they make and are the focal point of the support and care they deliver. 

We are proud of all our staff, so it was really pleasing that the Nurse also recognised this and said that the team were “approachable, very open, and honest” and “trained appropriately and competent in managing needs”. 

What we are most proud of from the feedback, however, is that our high standard of care and support was highlighted and praised by the professional’s that understand our work and are there to assess the levels of care we are providing.

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