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Leaders setting an example

Leading by example is the standard that we all work towards and expect from our teams to do their very best for the residents in our care. Registered manager Sam MacMillan is proud of her staff that constantly strive to set this good example. Pictured below are some of our staff members who have recently been recognised for all their hard work and dedication to those in our care.

The first member of staff that we are proud of and recognised this month is Kerry Swift. Kerry has stepped in to the role of Deputy Manager and has shown commitment and initiative when taking on new responsibilities, setting an excellent example for others in our team. Next up in our trio of superstars is Natalia Bloor. Through her hard work and dedication, Natalia won a covid hero award for her work during the pandemic, which was a trying time for everyone in the care sector. Even after the worst of the pandemic is behind us, Natalia continues to inspire others, setting an example and giving our residents the best experience possible – meaning that she remains a hero in our eyes. Last but not least is Charlotte, who has recently been promoted to the role of deputising Team Leader, and she has taken on this responsibility in her stride – proving that she is an integral part of the top-quality Ashby House Team.

We believe that it is important to recognise all the amazing hard work our staff teams put in on a daily basis, and all that they do for our residents. We want to continue to recognise our staff in the future, so if anyone stands out to you and goes above and beyond for those we care for, let us know – we can’t wait to share your wonderful experiences with us all at Godfrey Barnes Care.

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