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Spa day at Field House

At Field House, we love to make sure that all of our service users not only feel supported and cared for but that they also feel special. Over the weekend, we held a pampering spa day to help our service users relax and unwind, even getting the staff involved in the fun! 

All of our staff and service users got changed into some comfy matching PJs, the perfect thing to pull us all together and remind us that we are all part of the one big Field House Family! The PJs and slippers made our service users feel comfortable, at ease and ready to relax as we started our spa treatments. 

The treatments included some sheet face masks that we placed over our faces to soothe and moisturise our skin. It’s lucky that we are close to Halloween, as these sheet masks made some of us look very scary! Next up, was our electronic foot spas where our service users could feel the warm water and bubbles underneath their feet for that extra bit of relaxation. To add to the pampering atmosphere, our spa goers were given a little glass of alcohol-free fizz while completing some more relaxing spa activities.

After we had relaxed and recuperated, we decided to have some fun and get our hands dirty with some Halloween pumpkin carving where we carved some scary monster faces on the side of our pumpkins while munching on some of our favourite snacks and enjoying each other company. To round off a totally fantastic day, we had a big hot party buffet packed with all of our service users’ favourite foods, this went down a treat. 

As you can see from some of our photos, our service users had a wonderful time on their spa day and carving their pumpkins. At Field House, we always like to come up with a variety of activities for our service users to enjoy, building their skills and showing them that we care. Our staff, as usual, went above and beyond to make our service user’s day special and we couldn’t be prouder of them. If you have any ideas for activities or days that we could plan with our service users, let us know, we love to hear your ideas. Field House is here to help our service users, but also to let them get the most out of life and that includes having fun with friends. We look forward to our next activity day!

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