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A visit from the Easter Bunny!

Spring is here and the Easter holidays have just passed – and we certainly made the most of it at Godfrey Care in every single one of our residential homes. Our dedicated staff aim to make each holiday and occasion special for our residents and sometimes that means going the extra mile. 

Over the Easter Holidays, one of our amazing staff members from Ashby House donned a giant fluffy white Easter bunny costume and hopped around all of our residential homes to meet with residents and spread some Easter cheer. Our residents spent some time in the garden with the Easter Bunny, surrounded by nature and springtime which was a great mood booster after a cold winter. 

Our Easter bunny bounced around with an Easter basket fitted with colourful gift bags containing tasty chocolate egg treats for every single one of our residents to enjoy. It was great to see our residents laugh and smile at the Easter bunny and pose to get their photos taken with him, even our staff wanted to join in the fun! 

At Godfrey Care, we want our residents to enjoy fun experiences they will cherish and be able to look back on with delight. We work hard to make sure that the people in our care get these experiences, whether it is visiting a park, having a pamper day, or celebrating annual holidays like Easter with the friendly Easter Bunny.

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