Station House is recognised by the CQC!


Since the opening of Station House back in December-19 we had to quickly adapt the way we work in a world full of uncertainty due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Our policies and practices were reviewed and quickly changed to ensure that we could provide the care that we aspire to as a provider whilst keeping all residents and staff safe. So, it goes without saying that we are really proud of the homes CQC report which recognises all the good work that the teams have put in during this really challenging period. 

Although we don’t take it for granted, we have become so accustomed to the high standards and dedication that each member of the team shows on daily basis that we take it as part of a normal day but it’s great to see this being recognised by CQC and the families of our residents. 

Some of the key highlights of the inspection report that we are especially proud of recognise:

  • People were supported by kind and caring staff who respected them and promoted their dignity. 
  • People were supported by staff who promoted their independence. 
  • People were involved in their own care planning and were encouraged to make choices for themselves. 
  • People were supported by a provider that was proactive in empowering people to achieve optimum outcomes. 
  • Staff felt supported by the management team.
  • People were supported to have maximum choice and control of their lives and staff supported them in the least restrictive way possible and in their best interests; the policies and systems in the service supported this practice. 
  • People were provided with the right support that enabled them to make choices and promoted their independence. People received the right care that was provided in a person-centred way and promoted their dignity. The service provided the right culture for people in an environment where they were included and empowered by management and care staff. 
  • People were supported by kind and caring staff. One relative told us, “[Staff member’s names] are off the scale, amazing carers, they are like a parent to [Person’s name]. They are exceptional.

A huge thank you to the whole team as this has truly been a team effort on all fronts to get the home up and running through what has been the most challenging period for the whole world but especially the care sector! 

Please click here to view the full report.

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Supported Living Scheme

A key part of what we do to empower individuals that we support is to help with the development of independent daily living skills that would allow them to move onto more independent settings. With this aim in mind, we are delighted to announce that we have purchased our first home that we will soon start working on to convert into a shared supported living home. 

Supported living is an alternative to residential care homes, where individuals will be provided the same high levels of support but in a more independent setting. 

This means that some of the individuals that currently live in residential settings will be able to move into more independent settings when they are ready, and be assured to receive the same high quality of support that they have become used to with us, but in a more independent environment. 

To head up this new offering we are delighted to welcome Kerrie Lightwood to the management team at Godfrey Barnes Care. Kerrie come’s with a wealth of experience and knowledge of the sector having headed up a substantial portfolio of successful supported living schemes across the region in previous roles. 

In addition to this we are very proud to have partnered up with a reputable Housing Association that will ensure the needs of individual’s placed within this home are met to the highest standards and that any support requirements that they may have are always picked up.  

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Smiles at Christmas

2020 has been challenging for many of us to say the least, but none more so than the nations care homes. At Godfrey Care, we have tried to maintain some normality as much as we can, whilst trying to ensure the safety of the service users and our teams. We appreciate that the lock downs have been really difficult for service users and families alike, particularly with the run up to Christmas and not being able to enjoy the simple things such as seeing loved ones. We are over the moon to share with you our brand new purpose built, indoor private pods within our care homes. The creation of the pods allows residents and their families to meet in a safe space without entering the care home and helps to keep the bond of families and service users. After every visit, the pods are deep cleaned to minimise the chance of infection and ensure the safety of our services users. 

Sarah Lycett – Service Manager for Ashby House  said “The pod at Ashby House looks fantastic! I am really looking forward to seeing the positive impact it will have on our residents and the smiles on not only their faces, but their loved ones as well. We couldn’t ask for a better Christmas present this year at Ashby House.

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Sowing seeds of hope!

As part of the Easter celebrations service users across all sites have taken part in planting sunflowers in their homes gardens. This will form part of a competition across sites to see which home can grow the tallest sunflower. Additionally there have been several garden parties, Easter egg hunts and lots more outdoor activities making the best of the amazing weather that we have been having and giving the service users a safe opportunity to get out and about whilst still under the lockdown.

Other activities have included creating a McDonalds themed dinner after a few of the service users mentioned that they would like to go. Due to lockdown we couldn’t, so the teams took this as an opportunity to make an activity with the service users and helped them make their very own home-made McDonalds meals! 

We always say that we are immensely proud of the teams we have and the amazing work and dedication they show, but in light of the challenges that we all face during this hard time words struggle to describe the immense feeling of pride that we have to work with such amazing teams and service users!

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Rising to the challenge

In these challenging times we’ve been taking the governments advice around social distancing to protect our service users and teams health as much as possible. to try and minimise the impact on everyone’s lives we’re trying to keep a sense of normality for all service users as much as possible, whilst working around the challenges that we all face as a society with things such as shortages in the shops and not being able to get out to do the normal day to day activities that are intrinsic parts of what we all do.

Instead we have set up alternatives within the homes such as setting up a tuck shop to get the service users to still take part in buying their weekly treats, changing the weekly menus to accommodate the changes with food items being available within shops and doing outside activities in the homes garden areas to ensure that everyone still gets the chance to get some fresh air daily and the chance to walk in the outdoors. 

To say that we are proud our all our staff would be an understatement!  The selfless approach that they have all taken to ensure that we maintain as much a sense of normality as possible in for all service users in these unprecedented times goes far beyond what would be expected – we’re lucky and proud to work with you all! 

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