Supported living

Supported Living offers the same high levels of support and care that individuals would receive in a residential care home but in a more independent setting.

Supported Living is somewhere that people who need help with everyday things like cooking, cleaning and staying safe, can live in their own home whilst having the appropriate levels of help, care and support on hand around the clock. In supported living, everyone has their own individual tenancy agreement with a housing association which sets out their rights to stay within their own home.

Having your own home gives individuals more choice and control over the support they get. Support is set up to be tailored to match individual wishes and needs, whether that’s getting help with daily personal care, managing finances and paying bills, choosing where to go to, understanding and applying for benefits, accessing educational and training opportunities, or helping to get a job.

Having matter what an individual’s aspirations are, our teams are there to help them achieve this.

There are a variety of different types of supported living we can offer, and we’ll strive to find the right option; whether it be through our own homes or working with our housing partners to find a property that meets each specific need.

What types of supported living are there?

Independent living

Individuals could choose to live independently in their own home with as much or as little support as needed.

Shared living

People live independently, benefitting from socialising with other like-minded people, sharing communal spaces and sharing the costs of household bills.

Apartment living

Apartment living provides the best of both worlds. A personal flat with some shared communal space so individuals can choose if and when they want to socialise.

Stepping stone accommodation

When the time is right, we will work with individuals to look at providing support that will help plan for their future in a structured way. This includes developing the key skills needed to move on to a more independent - although still supported - living situation.

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Learning Disabilities

We are members of the Learning Disability Alliance. The LDA defend the rights of people with learning disabilities and their families.


Godfrey Care have ensured that staff are trained to effectively support individuals who live with Epilepsy. Training delivered by NAPPI UK ensures that staff are given the underpinning knowledge required to recognise different seizure types, identify triggers to seizures and to know how to support a person before, during and after a seizure.

Challenging Behaviour

Many individuals accessing the services of Godfrey Care have presented behaviour that may be considered challenging. Training delivered through our partnership with NAPPI UK ensures that staff are equipped with a range of strategies to support such situations.


We appreciate that each person on the Autism Spectrum has different needs and the training delivered through our partnership with NAPPI UK ensures staff are aware of the difficulties faced by individuals on the Autism Spectrum and more importantly how to effectively support these individuals in a positive and person centred way.


Proud to be partners of Nappi UK.