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A ladies night in!

One of our service users MM loves the chance to have a ladies night in! She recently asked one of the day staff that she really gets on with, Kirsty to stay over one evening so that they could spend some quality time together doing the things that MM loves the most.

Kirsty helped MM get the movies sorted for the evening and they then had a night in doing all the normal girly things ladies do such as face masks, pedicures, doing each other’s hair and painting their nails!

MM then got the popcorn ready and they watched a romantic comedy together. After all this MM was really thankful for Kirsty spending the evening and went to bed, leaving Kirsty to tidy the mess at 2 am… A huge thank you to Kirsty for taking the time out of her own life to spend the time with MM who was beaming with joy.

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